Want to sell your diamonds? Want to upgrade? Estatebuyer.com is the best place to get the highest price for your Diamonds.

We buy and sell quality diamonds of all cuts and sizes. For the last 25 years estatebuyer.com has been a world-wide leader in buying large, fine diamonds (1.00 carat and larger). We provide immediate payment to you through discreet, safe and professional diamond buying procedures. GIA Certified Diamonds always bring top Dollar.

We are knowledgeable, experienced and professional and we look forward to providing you with an outstanding level of service. Contact us today with any of your diamond needs.

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NOTE: It is important to remember there is a big difference between an appraised value of a Diamond and an actual offer to buy. Appraisals for insurance are usually inflated and represent the replacement value if you were to buy the stone again at full retail. An insurance value is usually much higher than the actual cash value. What determines the actually cash value is not necessarily how much you paid for the item but depends on the condition, age & marketability of the piece. Antique & vintage diamonds in good condition may even sell for more than the original purchase price.

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